Engineer, project manager & sustainability advocate. I blog about how individuals can live a more sustainable life.

I use two different metaphors when I think about my busyness at work.

The first is a cliche: spinning plates. I manage 13 projects across quite a diverse portfolio. My job is keeping each of those project-plates spinning. A wobble is fine, they just don’t get to fall.

The second…

Helping you to plan climate and sustainability action in November

Welcome to my monthly overview of the Sustainability Calendar. The full year-long calendar is here. Scroll down for the full list of events this month.

Everything happening in November 2021

All month: World Vegan Month (international)

November to January: Big Energy Saving Winter in the UK¹

Until Friday, 12 November: COP 26 (26th UN Climate…

It’s not us versus each other

Don’t be sucked in by this type of meme: asking why homeless vets can’t be looked after before refugees, or why foreign children should be looked after before our own. …

Some guidelines on how to keep your stationery sustainable

I want to make a general observation about the sustainability of stationery, and offer a reminder: the environmental footprint of your stationery is small compared to many other things in your home, and positively tiny next to the big hitters of the fashion industry, energy production, meat production, or global…

Kevin Jones

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