A Week in Textures 1

Monday, 8 to Sunday, 14 August 2022

Kevin Jones


Sunlight through parasol fabric (Monday, 8 August)
Timber bought for new flower beds (Tuesday, 9 August)
Office carpet (Wednesday, 10 August)

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As amazing as it is to spend these formative months with the baby, I miss the hubbub of the office, the harder boundary between work and personal life, and the serendipity of a chance encounter helping to solve a problem.

Parasol weight (Thursday, 11 August)
Wear and tear on pocket notebook (specifically Field Notes Snowblind, winter 2015 special edition) (Friday, 12 August)

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Pocket notebooks have become my everything books. They are my sketchbooks, home to my to-do lists and shopping lists, my planners, my idea-books, my journals, and my commonplace books.

Barbecue embers (Saturday, 13 August)
Gravestone (Sunday, 14 August)

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Kevin Jones

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