What is Circular Cities Week?

Kevin Jones
2 min readOct 26, 2021

Yes! That week you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Not half term, but Circular Cities Week!

What is Circular Cities Week?

It is a programme of events showcasing the application of the circular economy in cities.

This year’s Circular Cities Week aims to have each participating city issue a joint statement: a cross-sector commitment to embed circular practices in future work. In addition to this, events will also drive awareness of the circular economy in each city, what is happening now, and where it is headed.

More information can be found at the circular economy club website.

What events are happening?

Five UK cities will host events (note, one event already happened on 20 October) :

  • 28 October: online event “Global Urban Regeneration Forum”, hosted by CEC York
  • 28 October: in person event “Is Net Zero the Solution or a Distraction?” at Sussex Innovation Centre, hosted by Circular Brighton & Hove
  • 4 November: in person event at Cundall in Birmingham, hosted by CEC Birmingham
  • 5 November: in person event at the University of Northampton, hosted by CEC 3 Counties

In addition, approximately 30 cities worldwide will host events and many of these are free to join in person or online. A full list can be found here.

About the Circular Economy — the Circular Economy is an economic and manufacturing concept that as for smarter use of resources by: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use for longer; and regenerating nature

About Circular Economy Club (CEC) — “At CEC we bring the circular economy to cities worldwide by building strong local clubs who design, implement and support circular local initiatives” (Circular Economy Club, 2021). Find out more here.

About CEC Exeter — CEC Exeter is the club representing circular activity in Exeter, Devon and the wider Westcountry. Follow the CEC Exeter on Twitter.

Kevin Jones

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