What is United Nations Day?

Understanding the international observance held on 24 October

Kevin Jones
2 min readOct 25, 2021


I once stood outside of the UN headquarters in New York without realising. I’d come upon the building without meaning to and it was only when I looked up from my camera, trained as it was on the smaller details of life in the Big Apple, that I’d noticed the flags and realised where I was.

I was a bit ignorant in my 20s.

These days I’m more familiar with the work of the UN. I regularly share their events and observances on the sustainability calendar and through my company’s cultural inclusion network. I follow their work and keep aware of what overlaps my personal interests.

How is United Nations Day being observed?

The main event has already happened, a concert on Thursday, 21 October.

Elsewhere, the only events the UN saw fit to mention on their website, are those tied to the expo in Dubai.

What does it mean to you as an individual?

Probably very little, unless you happen to work for the UN. That said, it’s a good opportunity to acknowledge the work that they do and the vale that the organisation has undoubtedly added over the last 76 years.

How can I get involved?

As I mention above, there’s little now to get involved in as individuals, so my recommendation would be to take the opportunity to learn about the UN and the work it does. Take the time too, to understand the common criticisms of the organisation.

Bookmark the observances page, and look out for the days, weeks and months that have relevance to you.

Share the work of the various offices and councils from their social media profiles.



Kevin Jones

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